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Here are some selected links to press and interviews

"Mr Keefe’s voicing of texture is always intelligent." - Raul Da Gama,

"That’s followed by a cover of “I Fall I Love Too Easily,” which Chris Keefe begins alone on piano. It has an almost spiritual air about it at first, which is interesting, before taking on a hint of melancholy." - Michael Doherty,

"Chris Keefe’s debut album as a leader moves from strength to strength, showcasing both his skill as a composer and his ability to make standards his own." - Rick Anderson,

"He gives an agonizing intro to “I Fall In Love To Easy” and has a classy staccato cadence on “Dream” while taking the baton from Harvi S’s intro to “Along Came Betty” and cruising like a 49 Buick." - George W. Harris, jazz

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